About Those Little Things...and me.

Allow me to introduce myself - I'm Amy, creator of Those Little Things. I live on the (sometimes) sunny south coast of England with my husband Steve and our crazy puppy, Ted.

Those Little Things started back in 2013. It was just me with a dodgy laptop and an A4 printer in my studio flat, designing and selling personalised prints. Over the next 5 years, I turned my hand to many personalised items and I loved experimenting with all sorts of products.

In early 2018, I decided to take a break - with a full on day job and after re-evaluating a few things, I stepped away from all things creative as I'd lost a bit of spark.

I, like the most of the UK, spent 2020 at home. Slowly, I started to feel that spark of creativity return. And with a certain little puppy called Ted, inspiring me in more ways than one, I started to believe that I could create something again that would hopefully make people smile.

So whether this is your first time at Those Little Things or you’ve been around here before, thank you for stopping by and supporting me, I'm excited to be back!
Love Amy x

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